New Stores/New Partnerships Bluegrass Seed & Fertilizer Bardstown ,KY Anderson County Farm Service Lawrenceburg, KY Hunter's Archery Training Center Madisonville. KY Rural King Farm and Home Store Elizabethtown, KY
New Stores/New PartnershipsBluegrass Seed & Fertilizer    Bardstown ,KYAnderson County Farm Service   Lawrenceburg, KYHunter's Archery Training Center  Madisonville. KYRural King Farm and Home Store   Elizabethtown, KY 

Our new Bonextreme deer mineral in the bags are in the online store ready to buy check out the online store for your mineral.


    Having trouble finding the right mineral for you?  BONEXTREME is a 3-in-1 mineral.


1. OPTIMIZES ANTLER GROWTH: Our mineral, when used early March through the end of August, will optimize antler growth. Whitetail deer will start hitting our mineral as their metabolism changes, not long after the breeding season, as they approach the early part of spring.

Not just another Mineral:  HEALTHY FOR THE HERD

2. HEALTHY MINERAL: Whitetail deer like the taste of BONEXTREME mineral.  Our products come in one flavor, apple, and cause antler growth to an extreme extent.  We set ourselves apart from the competition offering the right amounts of all the right minerals and by offering a product of higher quality.  Our mineral, having been approved by the Department of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky, is safe for deer to eat.

WARNING: Be careful with certain mineral intake such as Selenium.  The Department of Agriculture recommends no more than12ppm for a free choice whitetail diet.  Remember the right amounts will be healthy, and to the deer's advantage.  TOO much Selenium could cause hemorrhaging.

3. ATTRACTANT: Whitetail deer hunters, especially archery hunters, will find our mineral particularly useful during the hunting season. It attracts deer to a close range.  Our MINERAL is specially formulated and proven HIGHLY successful in the field. Once the deer acquire a taste for the flavor, they continue to make frequent visits to the LICK, simply because they love the taste.  UNLIKE most Minerals on the market, they never stop eating BONEXTREME.  Even after they shed their velvet, as they prepare for the rut, they just keep coming back for more. 


Check us out on YouTube new videos.  Bonextreme Bucks.      Big deer using Bonextreme.

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