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New Stores/New PartnershipsBluegrass Seed & Fertilizer    Bardstown ,KYAnderson County Farm Service   Lawrenceburg, KYHunter's Archery Training Center  Madisonville. KYRural King Farm and Home Store   Elizabethtown, KY 


Why BONEXTREME?  In studies from researchers across the US, the mineral content of a whitetail deer's antlers have been found to be composed mainly of two minerals: CALCIUM (19.01%) and PHOSPHORUS (10.13%)  (ratios found on average).  Our mineral helps support blood and bone-marrow structure, by offering the right amounts of minerals, causing increased rack growth. 

HOW IT WORKS: Remember, different mineral content in the soil may play a part in how well your deer will hit your LICK. For example: In an area where an excess amount of calcium (limestone) can be found, such as our Mid-Western states, the need for a CALCIUM supplement will not be as high.  However, other areas, such as Southern states that may be more calcium deficient, the deer will hit your LICK more often.  They come to the LICK, because their body needs what is there.

CHEAP IMITATIONS: SALT / CARRIER: When choosing a mineral, you want the right amount of salt (25/40 percent). The right amount of SALT mixed with the right amount of minerals mixed into the soil will give your deer healthy morrow which is necessary for good bone structure.  REMEMBER: Higher levels of SALT, those which exceed 40 percent, leave too little room for calcium, phosphorus, etc., and lower levels, those below 25 percent, tend to be scarcely noticed by the deer.



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